Enzo Ferrari produced Scuderia Ferrari in 1929, little does he knew that it may win billions of fans across the world and the number is still growing at a steady rate. Initially, though Scuderia Ferrari, also known as ‘Team Ferrari’ was built as a race car, at early stages it raced in the fielding division of Alfa Romeo, exclusively raced by gentleman drivers, later Enzo expanded its horizons to road cars as well.

What is Special about Ferrari

The legacy of the Ferrari cars can be understood that even a model of a Ferrari F14T at 1:8 scale will cost an enormous amount of $5400. However, what makes Ferrari go crazy among the fans is its making and finest technology which leads to a high-end luxury and maintains as one of the topmost sought-after luxury car models of all time.

  • As in any car, engine is the soul for the overall performance of the vehicle. Ferrari is a soul car with a pitch-perfect engine. It is even more amazing to see when one model of a Ferrari car outranges within its previous model in terms of innovating technology.
  • Among the cars types, the race cars rule. Ferrari’s Formula One Race cars are genuinely the beast with top style and its stand out features which makes a gorgeous, fine-boned but intensely purposeful in race car series. For instance, the astonishing Ferrari 488 GTB (“Gran Turismo Berlinetta”) is the dawn of new age cars in Maranello, Italy.
  • It has 661 horsepower with 3.9-liter turbocharged V8 engines. This contains an extra feature, the carbon-fiber diffuser under the tailpipes, which is suitable for tracks.
  • The engine has eight cylinders each displaying 488 cubic centimetres, hence the 488 designations. Thus 3.9 litres housed beneath a transparent hatch.
  • With an incredible speed of 205 mph, big Brembo carbon-ceramic powerful brakes keep the car under control.

Key Factors to Consider while Renting a Ferrari car

The luxury symbol of speed, prestige, and elegance which are experienced by the rich, can be rented out as well to experience the beauty and aura of this magnificent vehicle. To rent a Ferrari in Italy, the price ranges anywhere between 650 euros to 1200 euros per day. Ferrari sports car rentals are widely popular among the car rentals in Italy. Due to Italy’s tourist attractions, Ferrari rental car businesses are always on edge with numerous rental companies, and sometimes owners too rent them for extra bucks. Prices vary depending upon some of the factors.

  • Model of the car

The rental rates depend upon the latest Ferrari models with specific advanced technology, its horsepower, engine and speed.

  • Are you renting it directly from the Owner or from a rental company

Usually, it depends upon the owner to set up a nominal rate, and typically rental company may offer many package deals if you are renting for a more extended period.

  • Age of the Ferrari Car

Even the vintage model of Ferrari is always maintained in mint condition by the owners, so the age of the car doesn’t matter unless there are some minor differences in speed that may lead to slight rental changes.

  • What type of Maintenance is required during the renting out period

Quality of the maintenance is the crucial aspect that needs to be discussed while opting for rent a Ferrari in Italy. Unlike a regular car, these luxury models require a particular type of air for their tyres or premium quality of gasoline and other maintenance points which needs to be followed rigidly. It is better to get a checklist from the renting company or owners of what need to do or what are the things to be avoided while driving these passion wheels on the road. Otherwise, damage due to negligence can cost more than your whole Italy trip.

  • Duration of the rental period

In general, Ferrari rental companies may offer excellent package deals if you are opting for an extended vacation. However, make use of the offer by selecting the right Ferrari model to get the most out of it.

Rent a right type of Ferrari for your needs

Among the different Ferrari car models, the sports car is always on top of the renting list. Here let’s see few of the Ferrari car models and its rental rates briefly.

  • Ferrari 458 Italia

The 458 is a unique Italian beauty, and it will be an excellent choice for the first timers who are going to experience her behind the wheels. It has a powerful engine of 4.5 liter V8 technology with 562 Horsepower. The usage of lightweight materials makes it achieve a speed of 200 miles per hour. This gorgeous will not only amaze you but to anyone who catch a glimpse of this beautiful vehicle. The two-seater is apt for bachelor or a couple. The rental prices may range between 780 euros to 1100 euros for a seven-day rental.

  • Ferrari California

California is an inspiration of a vintage Ferrari from the 1950’s, and it is one of the most expensive collections in Ferrari’s models. The interior contains the classy luxury car standards with four leather seats, and the roof can be tucked inside the boot within 14 seconds. It has a V8 front engine with 7-speed dual clutch gearbox and can go up to 250 km/hr.

The convertible functionality makes it a perfect choice for a scenic drive in Italy. When you are touring Italy, check out the Stelvio pass which is considered as one of the spectacular scenic driveways in Italy. It is one of the supercars which demands you to drive on best roads and of course it deserves too. It can be a perfect choice for families or a group of friends. The rental prices range from 650 euros to 1100 euros for a seven-day rental.

  • Ferrari GTC 4Lusso

The perfect shortcut to a luxury lifestyle is to rent this expensive Ferrari model. The powerful 12-cylinder engine at 8000 rpm at full throttle delivers a smooth and consistent power with a blend of sophistication in style. It makes an ideal choice to drive her for an evening outing at operatic culture in Roman or Florence. Always luxury comes with a high price tag, but it is worth every penny. You can rent Ferrari GTC 4Lusso for 1200 euros per day, for a 7-day rental.