Want to have an easy time experience with pokemonGo? Here are the tips

Introduction to pokemonGo

Gamers are always on the lookout for newly launched games so that they are among the first to get to experience how good the game is and if it meets their standards. That is exactly what happened with pokemonGo game which happens to be one of a kind. This game trended like no other upon launching and almost everybody wanted to be a part of it. It has since been a darling to many game lovers who have an adrenaline for games that challenge them into reaching the highest levels, the events and encounters, no matter the means they get to use to reach those levels.

It is no doubt that what makes a game interesting is by how many levels you can get into and the whole experience of cracking your way to the top even if it is by cheating. Yes, you can definitely cheat your way up in pokemonGo. With pokemonGo, it is always an advantage if you get to know a bit of tricks and tips here and there if you wish to go far into the game and have some good time while at it. It good knowing them earlier instead of wishing you knew about them when you are already into the game. Here is how to navigate your way while playing pokemonGo if you are looking forward to have some good time.

Boosting your lucky odds through trading

There is a possibility of ending up with a Lucky Pokemon if you trade Pokemon with a friend. Lucky Pokemon’s appearance is sparkly and thus does not come with different colors as is the case with Shiny and to get them to power up they cost half the Stardust. You have more chances of getting a Lucky Pokemon if a Pokemon has been in your collection for a long time. For instance, you can trade your Larvitar Pokemon in order to get a Lucky Tranitar and to increase your odds you are supposed to trade it for the oldest Pokemon your friends are willing to trade and the oldest you are at will to exchange for their Larvitar. You are also at the liberty of trading the same Pokemon, for instance a new Larvitar for an old one.

Increasing your level faster via friendship

This is another mechanism where consistency counts and you should adapt to it when playing Pokemon Go only that you can raise your level just once per day. When you happen to Raid and Gym or Gift your friends every day you stand a chance to reach Ultra Friend for 30 days, and Best Friend status for 90 days. The more days you miss the slow the rate at which you are going to level up so you should strive to miss fewer days in order to level up faster.

When sending Gifts to Friends, send to those that you did not meet throughout the day or Friends that are long distance. Open or send one Gift per day in order save on resources and ensure you alternate them to avoid duplication. For those Friends that you get to see during the day, Raid or Gym because there is no limit when it comes to how much you can coordinate, compared to Gifts whereby you have a limit of 20 gifts for you to send or receive.

Field Research will help you finish faster

If you are looking forward to completing some of the most common tasks while playing pokemonGo game you should get into field research and that way you will be able to earn some rewards which are in the form of XP, items and even more encounters while at it. There are a number of things you can do in order to complete common tasks faster such as deleting tasks that prove hard to complete. You can for instance delete a catch Pokemon task that is proving to be difficult due to weather, location or time limitations and get another task that is easier to complete.

Another way to complete tasks faster is by completing similar or near identical tasks at the same time. You can make this possible by for example hitting 4 Great Throws at 10 Pokemon at the same time.

How to take Gyms down faster

There is a faster way of destroying the newest Gym system even if defenders happen to be feeding berries within a short time. A fully motivated Gym takes three rounds to take it down in pokemonGo and that means that there will be a total of three battles for only one defender. A total of six defenders will go with 18 battles. Attacking in groups will still take everyone three rounds or up to eighteen battles.

Attacking in waves will see you get down to one round each. You can go for the waves if you have more than 3 people and the first 2 people can do the first wave. You can make other defenders not get notifications that will make them start feeding the berries by focusing on one Pokemon at a time. You attack the first defender three times by dropping out after each attempt until it is gone so that you can move on to the next defender. You repeat this until the Gym is empty by defeating all the defenders.

Setting your circle size

Setting the circle size so that it is ready whenever you want to throw will add up your odds when it comes to hitting Great or Excellent throws. This happens by touching and holding the poke ball until the targeted circle gets to shrink down to the Excellent or Great size. You then wait until Pokemon starts to attack so that you can proceed by spinning the poke ball to curve it. You then throw the curve ball closely to the dead center when Pokemon gets to a three quarters through its attack. If you succeed to hit the center correctly, you score the excellent throw which comes with a bonus.