Did you know that washing a car requires an almost minimum of 30 gallons of water when you use a hose with an automatic shut-off nozzle? It can waste over a 100 gallon if the hose is left running when you lather up the car. An automatic car wash is somewhere in between these.

A hose and bucket method of cleaning cars require a whopping 80-140 gallons of water per wash. You also inevitably release a lot of dust, car oils, and soapy water into the already existing water streams and environment. A commercial car wash, however, uses most of the water.

But what most people don’t realize that it is, in fact, possible to wash a car with little or no water at all. A waterless car wash only needs 4-6 oz. of the formula of waterless car wash per car and just a couple buckets of water. The cases in which the car is covered mostly in mud, you will require an extra gallon of water.

But what does a waterless car wash mean really? Well, a waterless car wash refers to the method of washing a car that is efficient and eco-friendly and uses little or no water. It is also sometimes recognized as no water car wash or spray on the car wash. It is often easier to clean car without water than using a traditional method while producing exactly identical results. This permits your car detailer to service your car in narrow spaces while saving the astounding quantity of water.

Waterless Car Wash Products

Waterless car wash products are more advanced than a traditional soap that is used for a car wash because they need to compensate for the absence of water. Therefore, the competency of no water car wash is generally better than using traditional water-based car washing methods. Additionally, when you do a waterless detailing of a car, you will just require a bucket of water for rinsing your towels in place of using around 50 to 100 gallons of clean water when you use a hose or pressure washer.

A no water car wash uses sprays with high lubricity to wash and polish the vehicle’s exterior body. The high lubricity chemicals of the spray capture dust particles and the dirt. This procedure is similar to the way water removes the dirt, but the combination of chemicals in a product of waterless car wash is what makes it more efficient.

You just have to spray the product on a car’s surface and then wipe it off with a towel. This process gets rid of any stains or light dirt from the surface of the car. This works perfectly for the cars that aren’t covered in thick, dried mud. The way to clean car without water is only suggested for cars with little mud.

As a matter of fact, most of the cars at car shows are kept clean using this method. This is done so because when you wash your car with the regular soap and water method, it actually creates multiple tiny paint scratches.

It is a common misconception that one needs water to clean a car. The traditional method of washing a car leads to scratches on the car. The swirl marks and scratches that you see on a car are actually caused by automatic car washing machines.

To clean car without water, you can use the waterless car cleaning solution that can be found in any auto parts store. Wax is also mixed in some of these cleaning formulas so you can get the complete job done in just one step. Just spray the solution and wipe it off with a soft microfiber towel.

Tips to clean car without water:

Before you take up this method of washing cars, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Obtain multiple microfiber towels and always use a clean surface to wipe your car. Fold the towel when you begin and then as you proceed, flip and refold when it gets dirty.
  • Spray the cleaner generously so that the surface is wet enough for the dirt to float away. A bottle of waterless cleaner will only last you for up to two washes or so.
  • Wipe the surface lightly and in one fixed direction. When you wipe in a circular motion, you go over a fresh paint with a dirty towel which can produce tiny scratches.
  • Don’t apply too much pressure while wiping.
  • Clean the car in small sections and wash one body panel of the car at a time.
  • Use separate towels to clean wheels and consider using a special cleaner for wheels. The fine brake dust that resides on wheels can spread your paint when you use the same towel to clean your car and its wheels.

In case your car is extremely dirty, you might want to use a regular soap and water wash first. Once the heavy dirt is removed, you can proceed to use this product to maintain the car.

Benefits of using waterless car washing products

There are multiple benefits of using these products, some of these are as follows:

They protect the paint of your vehicle: the dirt that builds up on your car can cause the paint to scratch and chip. Keeping the car clean helps in maintaining the paint.

Cost effective: if you wash your car regularly, commercial car washes can turn out to be pretty expensive. It also uses up to 45 gallons of water for one wash. Waterless car wash products are easy and quick to use and also gives out amazing results.

Environment-friendly: water is essential for our survival and when you clean car without water, you save a lot of this precious resource.

A waterless car wash is growing for several reasons and one of them is that the water that flows from the traditional car wash is full of dirt and soap and it pollutes natural waterways. To save the environment, numerous popular car washes now use the waterless method.